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What Are The Different Types Of Air Conditioning Units?

With summer raising the heat everywhere, we all look forward to that lazy moment where we can lay down in the cool breeze of our air conditioners. But purchasing an air conditioner is an investment that can be confusing, given the different types of air conditioners available. This article will guide you through the different air conditioners and their varying specifications like heating and cooling Tucson conditioners to help you choose the one that ticks all your boxes!

Window Air Conditioners
A compact design, with all the various parts like compressor, condenser, coils, evaporator, etc., fit into one concise unit! These conditioners are perfect for small-scale apartments, flats, residences, or small cabins in an office room. The prices are at affordable ranges. The unit has two ends where one transports hot air from within the room out and blows cool air into the room. They are portable machines, bringing flexibility for those families that are on the move. Advancements made to this unit also equip it with the ability to heat a room during cold climates and automatic on/off after the room reaches the desired temperature.

Portable or Mobile Air Conditioning Units
The flexibility gets even higher with these units as they don’t have to be mounted onto the walls or windows. They are small-sized, portable air conditioners with an air pipe to discharge the hot air from inside to the exterior. These mobile conditioners are similar to the window conditioners as they tend to be noisy compared to the split air conditioning units. The compressor is fit into the indoor unit, which results in noise. Double hose models prove to be more efficient in cooling. Again, costs are not a problem owing to no installation expenses and its portability. This is the best choice for movers who are constantly shifting houses.

Wall-mounted Air Conditioners
Modern residences with spacious rooms mostly opt for this type of air conditioner. Wall-mounted air conditioners come in two units: one outdoor compressor system and one indoor cooling system. This dual unit system is why these containers are called split ACs. The indoor unit needs installation by professionals. It is connected with the outdoor unit, via a hole in the wall. Therefore, space constraints have to be considered before purchase. They are costly when compared with the above two systems, but the expenses are less when it comes to maintenance and long-term usage. And air conditioning repair Tucson can be contacted regarding the maintenance issues.

Ducted Conditioners
This is for more large-scale cooling systems and is also known as centralized AC. They also contain an external compressor that is placed outside and internal vents that transport the cooled air from the internal evaporative unit to various rooms. The vents are branched out and the conditioned air is distributed throughout the building. But the installation expenses are high initially. Occasional maintenance is required. But the space occupancy is highly reduced.
With this information on hand, you can now explore the options, sizes, and specifications available and pick an AC that fulfills your needs!

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