During the summer, as temperatures rise, the air conditioner is our ally. Having the perfect AC for your home can provide you with the relief you need, as well as it often uses significantly less energy. However, when most of us purchase an air conditioner, we forget to factor in the size of the AC. IF we get the wrong sized AC, it could lead to a world of difficulties and will not function optimally. 

Alternatively, getting the right sized AC ensures that the AC functions at its best and will not need regular checks and repairs to work ideally. The size of the AC you get is very important, and the reasons are listed below.

  • If Your AC is too Small.

A small air conditioner will run into many problems. Firstly, a small air conditioner will consume much more energy to reach a set temperature than an ideal-sized AC. This leads to it costing significantly more in the long run.

 Smaller ACs are not as efficient as an adequately sized AC and take much longer to cool your room. Many people turn to their AC for instant relief, and nothing is as infuriating as having to wait in the heat for your room to cool down.

 If you have a smaller AC, you will not only have to spend extra money on your electricity bill, but you will have to spend on air conditioning repair Tucson. Smaller ACs have to be constantly running to reach the set temperature and thus cause a lot of wear and tear. This could lead to frozen pipes and could even cause leaks. Having to repair your air conditioner, again and again, is an expensive ordeal. Besides the expense, a broken AC during the summer heat is very inconvenient. 

  • If Your AC is too Large.

People usually opt for a large AC instead of a small one as it cools the room faster. However, right after it does so, it switches off. Your house may be cool, but many problems arise from this.

The chances of the large AC short-cycling are very high. 

When the unit does not complete the cycle properly, the home tends to get warmer faster. This defeats the purpose of the AC entirely. To cool down your house again, you will have to switch it on again. A large unit that short cycles takes up a lot of energy each time it starts up, leading to a costlier electricity bill.

Along with providing cool air to the home, the AC removes the excess humidity in the room. If you have a large AC that does not complete its cycle, your home will be humid, causing a lot of discomfort.

  • Conclusion

Getting the right-sized air conditioner solves all of these problems. A right-sized ac is much more energy-efficient and provides cooling without causing much damage to the machine. If you conduct regular checks, a right-sized unit will last much longer than a larger or a smaller unit. 

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